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¿Qué les parece una expedición de 14 días y 13 noches, con 11 días cabalgando, que une la ciudad de San Carlos de Bariloche (Argentina) y Puerto Varas/Puerto Montt (Chile) a orillas del océano Pacífico, cruzando los Andes? Fascinante verdad. Mucho más si todo está incluido en el paquete y no tiene que andar pensando en extras: transportes privados, lacustres, comidas, cenas, guías bilingües, baquianos, radio comunicación VHF, caballos de silla y caballos de carga. read more…..

W Trek.Torres del Paine National Park.

The Torres del Paine National Park and environs has four types of vegetation – pre-Andean scrubland on the banks of rivers and lakes; Magallanes forest made up of species of the Nothofagus genus; Magallanes tundra, typified by the presence of bent-over bushes, cushions of plants and pasturelands; and high altitude vegetation above the forests, which disappears as the altitude increases.This diversity of environments leads to presence of a large number of mammals, including especially the Puma (Felis concolor), Guemal (Hippocamelus bisulcus), Guanaco (Lama guanicoe), Chilla Fox (Canis griseus), Culpeo Fox (Canis culpaeus) and Skunk (Conepactus chinga).

Patagonia, Dinosaur dolphins 'graveyard' discovered in Chile.

Dozens of fossils of dolphin-like creature, ichthyosaurs, were unearthed in Chile’s Patagonia region

Scientists have discovered a dinosaur graveyard in Chile’s Patagonia region.The find came after melting glaciers revealed new rock faces beneath.Scientists uncovered at least 46 specimens of nearly complete skeletons of the icthyosaurus dinosaur in the Torres del Paine National Park.The dinosaur’s name comes from the Greek root meaning ‘fish lizard’.The ancient specimens measure five metres long and paleontologists believe the discovery could provide new insight into the creatures which lived between 245 and 90 million years ago.

Educating into nature

Durante los últimos 12 años, El Club Náutico Escualo, (Escualo = Tiburon) un club de jóvenes kayakistas en la remota cuidad de Cochrane, en la Patagonia chilena, le ha enseñado a niños entre 4 y 18 años a remar en kayak por las aguas esmeraldas del río Baker. Durante este proceso de enseñanza, el club promueve la integridad, el trabajo en equipo y el amor por la naturaleza. Actualmente el río Baker se encuentra amenazado por la construcción de dos megarepresas que destruirían el río y una de las cuatro áreas silvestres más maravillosas de la tierra, al mismo tiempo que alteraría considerablemente la ciudad de Cochrane y la vida de los Escualos.



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Comments from our clients

“Just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for all your help organizing our trip to Torres del Paine. We had an incredible time – everything worked out great!”

We spent two full days in the park (one with perfect weather – walking to Lago Grey, the path right to the Torres in Saltos Grandes and the east side of the W-trail. We absolutely LOVED Estancia Cerro Guido – amazing place, gourmet food, wonderful tour and people. On the way back to Punta Arenas we enjoyed the scenic route, stopping at the cave and in Puerto Natales. We saw the Penguins in Otway Sound, the cemetery, etc. We loved every second of the trip!


Thanks so much and take care,

Alison & Jeremy

“I appreciate your professionalism, your knowledge & your love of preparing extraordinary adventures for guest in the Lagos region. I applaud your expert gift of helping people to safely feel good about their abilities while experiencing the visually intoxicating, beautiful, outdoor gifts of creation.”

Thank you. I am glad we met and will continue telling others that, “A sunning, blue-sky day of activities in Lagos is worth 364 days of work.”

Always your friend,

Monte in Alabama, USA, North America

You are correct. There are Welsh counterclaims found in the more northern parts of Patagonia, mostly in Argentina. In fact that brings to mind a little story about my FIRST trip to Patagonia, which was actually a year-long travel stint after my biology degree.We were traveling in Patagonia, and there was a superb site called Punta Tombo where massive numbers of penguins colonize and breed every year. The only way to get there was basically to take a tour on a bus which was quite an expenditure for 5$/day hitchhikers.It was well worth it, even taking into account that we later spent 2 weeks on the Galapagos Islands, because the sheer number of penguins was so incredible.On the way back, the bus stopped at a Welsh tea-house. Ahhh, we thought, a real tourist trap. It was fancy, with the china plates and all your British nic-nacs and fancy napkins etc. There were no menus, and we were herded into this place and the food and drink just came flowing out and out.I whispered to my companion.Don’t touch anything- we don’t want to have to pay a ton of money for this.  I figured that if we didn’t touch a single thing, then no one at the table could expect us poor student-types to contribute to what would undoubtedly be a huge expense. Probably a week’s worth of meals for us! As we were preparing to leave, someone at the table asked us,  What you’re not hungry?  With some embarrassment, I mumbled that we were on a rather severe budget.  Oh, but it’s all included in the tour, didn’t you know? You can imagine how we stuffed our faces (and pockets) miserably as we got onto the bus.

Carlos Peixoto.

Maria, we have travelled all over the world & experienced many professional guides. You are without a doubt, one of the best in the world.
It was a pleasure to meet you today!
Chiloé 16-02-2013



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5000 mile project.

A British couple can now put their feet up a little after running the length of South America.

The adventure started on July 28, 2012 at the southernmost point of the South American continent. At that time, the Lowries estimated that it would take them about a year to reach their goal at the opposite end of the continent at the Caribbean sea. As of Thursday, they had been running for eight months and 21 days.

“We intend to become the first couple and I the first woman to run the continent,” Katharine Lowrie wrote before the journey in a blog being hosted by UK newspaper The Independent.

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