“Katie and I had a great day, the horses were wonderful and Hans our guide was lovely. The snack was very good. I hope you get to go to Mongolia. I am sure you will enjoy it.”

Dare Bree, Australia.

“Lucy and I had a great time with you, and then had a great time around South Georgia Island and Antarctica.”

Robert and Lucy Morgan, Australia.

Hi Maria,

“Dear Maria,

Thank you so much for guiding us on the Chile trip of a lifetime. We thoroughly enjoyed your company, your knowledge of the places that we visited, and your sensitivity to the people and the environment that we  encountered . While we certainly knew that Chile had much to offer, traveling with you completes the experience by bringing out the best  of the physical, cultural and interpersonal characteristics of your country.

We hope to return again to this wonderful country and when we do we hope to again share the  travel with you. Until then we wish you continued good health, prosperity and fulfillment in your travel  through like.

We have lots of wonderful photos to remember our marvelous trip. Dan and I are still basking in the glow of the wonderful adventures we had together.  Thanks again and we hope you are on another great adventure.”

Jane and Dan Rothschild, USA.

“We had a wonderful trip with you leading us.  You did a great job.  Many thanks.

Have a good bike trip.

Keep in touch.”

Enid & Gary,California

Hi Maria,

Thanks so much for your wonderful and outstanding  hospitality during our visit to Chile. We all really enjoyed our time with you and now miss you!

Thanks also for inviting us to your house for the barbecue. It made a big difference to experience Chile from  a friend’s house rather than just hotels.

We  loved our time in Chile and  are already thinking about our next adventure. Santa Cruz sounds very interesting to me.

Please do not forget us if you come this way in the next few months. You have an open invitation to come and stay.

With best wishes from Nigel.

Nigel, England.

Hi Maria

How are you? How did you spent the passing year ? I am sure you where on trails with a lot of people and horses to enjoy the beautiful country of Chile and especially of Patagonia.

Nearly 1 year passed and I remember nearly every day our beautifull time together with Ariella.

I did not found a good moment to continue my Chile-Photobook (I started it but I had to change my computer and now, all is different and I cannot find the uncomplete book I made). So, I have to take time and start it again. It is not so bad, so I have to remember again, all my unforgettable places in your country.

Sometimes when I have a little sadness in my heart or my work is a little strong I look pictures in “google” from the volcano Osorno, the lago todos los santos, see the waterfall of Pehue we visited together, see the hotel where we enjoyed a fantastic lunch, and I remember the start of my cruising to the glaciar of San Rafael and so on, and so on. In short words: I will never forget all this beautiful countrysides I could visit with very nice people like you, Maria and Ariella, Jorge, Manuel etc. etc.

Sometimes I whish to come back to see it all again, but for the moment I am thankfull for all the wonders I saw!

Thanks for the good time with you, Maria.

I wish you a good life, a lot of guests, good deals and privately : good luck.

Nice christmas and a very happy New Year !

Greetings from my heart.

Yvonne Ottiger, Grosswangen, Switzerland

“The food, and salad included in lunch boxes and chocolates where great! About the guide” Very informative and open to suggestions. “Swimming with the horses on Lago Azul and meeting locals and hearing their stories has been unforgettable”

“Great challenging trails”

What a wonderful trip, many thanks for guiding us and providing so many opportunities for fun and laughter wishing you all the best with Patagonia Trails and many happy travels.

Celinda, Canada.

“So admire your initiative, eco travel and connection with land is the future we need more of. Thanks for leading,”


“Dear Maria, Thank you very much for a lovely week! Such fun riding thanks for taking such good care of us.

Best of luck in the future adventures “

John, Canada.

“Maria: Como recuerdo de senderismo maravilloso!! Muchas Gracias por tu sonrisa …. Y todo todo mi corazón recordará, feliz año”


“Together with my parents and a friend of the Netherlands we had a great 9 days in Patagonia. Besides the short stay, we were able to see some of the grandeur of Patagonia, and we were left many times speechless of the beautiful sights of nature. We rented a car and were able to drive through all these endless views of blue lakes, mountains and arid plains. The people of the hostels and cabañas where we stayed were very kind people, and were not trying to get more money out of you. Which we appreciate a lot.

The only thing we did not really enjoy fully is the manner in how the accommodation in Torres del Paine is arranged. The refugios are populated by large groups over pensionados of Europe with their particular guides. It felt a bit like a small Europe. I would therefore prefer the camping site, although maybe in this time the year that is still a bit chilly.

But on the way back from Torres del Paine to Calafate, we made a stop at the ecological farm Rupai Pacha, which was just what we needed. A farm house, with a lovely host with very good cooking skills! We spent only an afternoon, but it is definitely a place to stay longer!”

Eva Van Roekel and family, The Netherlands

“Words are lacking for my attempts to describe the adventures you so adeptly set up. Just like the need for a picture to more clearly capture the beautiful days of horse riding, mountain biking and volcano trekking, I have resorted to a need to describe a feeling in order to relate the experience to others. I initially experienced this serenity during our first of four days. Starting spring 2012, we were sitting at the Refugio of Calbuco, 1100 meters elevation, overlooking the luscious Alerce Pine thicket (2-3000 year old trees) with the snow covered summit to our backs, eating a garden fresh sandwich, drinking glacier water that we had just dipped from a stream on the way up and I said and will echo it, “there’s nowhere else that I would rather be than right here, right now… God is good!”

This described feeling, which I have seldom felt throughout my life, never subsided throughout the next four days. I appreciate your professionalism, your knowledge & your love of preparing extraordinary adventures for guest in the Lagos region. I applaud your expert gift of helping people to safely feel good about their abilities while experiencing the visually intoxicating, beautiful, outdoor gifts of creation.

Thank you, and will continue telling others that:“A sunny, blue-sky day of activities in Los Lagos is worth 364 days of work.”

Always your friend,

Monte in Alabama, USA, North America

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