Round the Llanquihue Lake

1 Day

All year round


A full day spent exploring the corners of this magnificent lake. The third biggest of South America, and the second of Chile with 330sq miles. It is situated in the southern Los Lagos Region in the Llanquihue and Osorno provinces. The lake's fan-like form was created by successive piedmont glaciers during the Quaternary glaciations. The last glacial period is called Llanquihue glaciation in Chile after the terminal moraine systems around the lake. You'll enjoy unique views from the Volcan Osorno introducing us to the peaceful rithm of a laid back life.

Meet your driver and guide at your hotel. Bordering the south lake Llanquihue acrros the Vicente Perez Rosales National Park visiting the resort of Ensenada and the Petrohue River Falls. The tour will continue up to the Osorno Volcano, Ski Resort, 1200 mts asl. (3937 feet asl.) where you will get spectacular views of the Mt Tronador, Volcano Puntiagudo,Llanquihue lake, and if is clear enough even the Reloncavi sound and of course the whole valley of Petrohue river.

For the itchy feet we can go for a short walk to the crater rojo and back. (1hr) Or optional chair lift instead. You can bring your own lunch box and have it here or get something at the restaurant. Continuation to the northern border of Llanquihue Lake driving across some of the least visited sides of the lake where agriculture and cattle ranches take part of the local economy passing through Cascadas village. We will reach the picturesque village of Puerto Octay located on a quiet bay enclosed by the Centinela Peninsula to follow then to the city of Frutillar, with its houses built in German style with lovely gardens which represent the arquitecture in the mid 30/s when the first settlers arrived to begin a hard working life in the south. This is a very beautiful and well-kept village with a superb view of Osorno Volcanoe.

During this beautiful and enjoyable road we will see the German style houses and barns that once represented that wealthy economy during the IXX century and according to the time of the year, many products from the earth such as raps, oats, potatoes or beetroots plantations and cattle ranches. Of course the Osorno volcanoe with its unique snowed cone dominates the whole lake. We arrive to the village where you will have free time to look around or visit the German Museum (entrance not included) that show many of the machineries used, water mill, houses and lovely gardens. Or just enjoy the views having a nice coffee and kuchen (cake) at a traditional teahouse. The last stretch of the drive goes along the lake coast between Frutillar and Llanquihue towns to finally cross the only river that flows out of the lake, the Maullin river. Our return to Puerto Varas will be along the 10 minutes ride along the route n 5 and back to your hotel.

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