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Hiking remote mountains and volcanoes.Is time to venture into an epic adventure. Let us begin your trip of a life time.Welcome to the experts in Patagonia.

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The client is more than that, is an adventurer an explorer able to be open to new experiences, so our goal is to fulfill that thirst of knowledge and emotion.
The reason why we work hard and passionately to show you Patagonia with Patagonia Trails .

" Dear Maria,
Let me begin by telling you how fantastico our trip has been so far! Jorge was marvelous in Santiago, and Carla and Muro (sp?) took such wonderful care of us in Torres del Paine!
Again, thank you so much for your excellent planning of our trip! We so appreciate all the personal and private accommodations!
Very sincerely yours,
Mary Weigel
(Hartanov group) "
Mary Weigel
" We recently did a hike with Maria to Alerce Andino National Park and Volcano Osorno. We had such a great time!! We are beginner hikers from the US and Maria was really able to make the experience enjoyable that we want to do it more! She really knew her way around the area and helped us learn so much.
She also provided us a great lunch and was even able to accommodate my celiac disease with a gluten free meal. Can’t recommend her enough! Would love to do another hike with her!! "
Jane, Wisconsin,USA
" Our family thoroughly enjoyed our trek in Cochamó with Maria, who is very knowledgable and loves the outdoors as much as we do. We were so enthralled with what there was to see that we missed feeling a 7.0 earthquake! Only slight downside was that we always seemed in a bit of a rush to get up and down the track so if you prefer to concentrate more on the nature around you, maybe ask for a slightly shorter route that can be explored more thoroughly. Thank you, Maria! "
" I am in the beautiful country of Chile , heading home today. I have spent the last 2 weeks hiking in Patagonia!! Stunning is the only word that comes close to describing mother nature in this area. I hiked the W Circuit in Torres del Paine National Park. I hiked to and around the Fitz Roy massif on the Argentina side. I saw mountains, granite towers, condors, guanacos, flamingoes, glaciers and icebergs and penguins and volcanoes and volcanic lakes.... Patagonia is mystical, beautiful, stunning, inspiring, with jaw dropping scenery. If you are looking to fill your soul, Patagonia awaits you!
Maria was our guide and I am at a loss for words to describe her passion for Patagonia, and so thankful to her for sharing her expertise and knowledge. For 2 weeks our group of 9 asked her so many questions about the flora, the fauna, the environment, Patagonia and locals towns... we ended up calling her Miss Wikipedia! Her sense of humor kept us going at the end of the day for the “final push”!
When you decide to book your hiking trip of a lifetime to Patagonia, do yourself a favor and contact Maria at Patagonia Trails. It WILL be your best decision. "
Carmen Molina,USA
" Maria set up an ambitious but extremely beautiful multi-day trekking trip for us ( a group of women). Her knowledge of scenery, nature, and local scenes, was tremendous and enabled us all to revel in and thoroughly enjoy the hikes and vistas. We saw spectacular Patagonia including FitzRoy and Torres del Paine areas. Maria was always there to answer our questions, inform us about trails, wildlife, lodging, and good eats. Her experience as a guide was apparent and helped us all to have an extremely enjoyable time trekking in Patagonia! "
Lisa, USA
" Where do I start? My experience with Patagonia Trails was life-altering. I know that sounds dramatic and a tad over-the-top but I couldn't be more sincere. I went on two hikes... the first hike it was pouring rain (so that kind of sucked) but our guide Joquin was a great sport about it and switched hiking trails, so we weren't pelted by rain the whole time. Ended up being a soggy but great day. The second hike was the highlight of my entire trip to Chile (and we had great weather). We went to Colchamo Valley, which is a trail that runs through an ancient primordial temperate rainforest.. all i can say is WOW. The most beautiful natural scenery I've ever seen. I took pictures and snaps and people back home were like "you look like you're in a fictional movie." Felt like I was in a fantasy film like Lord of the Rings. Our guide Joquin was very knowledgable of the history, plant-life and animals. A true wilderness-man. I highly recommend taking advantage of these guys.. they'll take you to some of the most natural marvels in the world. Thanks Maria and a special thanks to our private guide Joaquin. "
Owen Mundth,USA
" I recently went on a two-week hiking trip in Patagonia, organized and led locally by Maria at Patagonia Trails. The trip was fantastic and life changing.
Majestic beauty of Andes in varying weather conditions was breathtaking and beyond words; coupled with scent, color, wind blown gesture of tress and clouds, occasional thunderous roars of avalanche, every step was meditative and sensuous. It is worth highlighting Maria’s sophisticated palate. The restaurants she recommended were exceptional. Most memorable for me was La Tablita in Calafate, Argentina. Their roasted lamb was to die for. Foodies might consider marking this restaurant a destination. While in Chile, consider trying the versatile merken, a red peppery spice with a unique earthy note. Above all, I was awed and touched by Maria and all of our local guides’ consistent personal warmth; inspired by their love, passion and respect for Patagonia.
Yet this trip was more. On our last day of hike, title of an old English movie “went up a hill, came down a mountain” kept coming up for me. The difference between a hill and a mountain might only have been inches - a difference not necessarily perceptible externally – yet on some level, these inches represented a quantum leap. As I settled back into a daily routine, there was a stirring deep within, organically unfolding. In this unfolding, the magic of Patagonia continued.
In less than a week, I made a sudden, unexpected and drastic change of my career and my life.
Doesn’t matter whether you travel to escape a familiar reality, or to breathe in a new life, or perhaps you are open and ready to set sail for your own personal odyssey, Maria and Patagonia Trails are deep enough to meet you there. They truly are a rare find and a hidden gem. I recommend them to you with enthusiasm.
Thank you, Maria, for the joy you bring. Namaste. "
Wen Chen, USA
" We had a fabulous day's riding. The scenery was amazing, the guides great, the lodge where we started was in a beautiful position on a river and after a great ride we were served a delicious lunch. I would really recommend it.
Nick Kershaw, UK

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