Cabalgata a Laguna Cayutué



Dia entero

Todo en año, sujeto al clima.

Cayutue and La Vigueria volcanic eruptive centre under dormant status aligned NNE-SSW on the Liquiñe-Ofqui fault zone, this is the place where we will ride to laguna Cayutue. So much to discover a trip a geologic past while enjoying the ride.

Status : Dormant.

Morning drive from Puerto Varas towards Ralún area very close to Cochamó. We will join a gravel road accessing the Vicente Perez Rosales National Park. Here the horses and the baqueano will be waiting readily.

After a briefing we will saddle up and begin the ride for 1.5 hours along the trail which will be ascending gradually entering the template forest. We are surrounded by a volcanic field occupying a low-lying area between the southern end of Ensenada Cayutué, the southern extension of Lake Todos los Santos, and the northern end of the Estuario Reloncaví, where the Río Petrohué, which drains lake Todos los Santos, reaches the sea.
La Viguería and Volcán Cayutué are the principal cones. Formation of La Viguería cone and associated lava flows temporarily dammed the Río Petrohué about 3000 years ago, forming an ephemeral lake that was filled with deposits from Calbuco and Osorno volcanoes.
Pyroclastic cones and lava flows of Volcán Cayutué filled the Ensenada de Cayutué depression, separating Lake Todos los Santos from Ralún Bay. Amazing geology and nothing to fear. At least for the last 3 centuries.... Reaching the Laguna we can dismount, relax, while the guide and baqueano will be preparing a simple but delicious lunch on the grill. The return is the same way back.

Starts and ends at: 9.00 am hs Puerto Varas. 6.00 pm.
Location: Lake District, South of Chile.
Duration: 3.00 hours ride. 1,30 minutes drive from Pto Varas. o/w
Difficulty level: Easy.
Terrain: gravel, muddy sections, forest trail, shade and open ground with shared trails for horses and people.
Transportation: Private vehicle leaving from Puerto Varas.

Meals: Asado Grilled meat sandwich, snacks.
Equipment to bring: Bottle of water. Water is safe to drink from the source.Warm clothes according to weather and time of the year. Comfortable and not too tight pants adequate for horse riding, trekking shoes, rain jacket, sun and skin protection (sunglasses, hat) small bag for carrying camera and personal items.
Guide: English knowledgeable in native flora and fauna.
Safety: Emergency equipment and first aid kit.
Included:horses for different riders’ ability. Waterproof poncho in case of rain.

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